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Sex Counselling

    Sex lowers the frequency of fatal coronary events, it decreases breast cancer in men, and possibly women (research continues in this area), it decreases prostrate cancer in men, it reduces vaginal atrophy in women and when lubricant is used it reduces the instances of urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women. (WAS Congress 2007 Sydney)
    Sex is good in other ways too because our sexual expression is an important booster and indicator of our general quality of life. Sex can be a powerful source of comfort, pleasure and intimacy, and an affirmation of our gender. Sex doesn’t always rely on a relationship and our ability for self pleasure through sexual activity can generate feelings of vitality. Sexual distress can be very unpleasant and may involve wider implications. It can occur for an individual and their partner who is facing illness or emotional upheaval.
    For the person or couple experiencing sexual difficulties, other areas of their life, such as self-esteem, relationship or identity may be affected. A satisfying sex life is one way of feeling ‘normal”, alive, and attractive.
    For such Agrawal Skin care Clinic is the best option for proper sex counselling and complete solution to all types of sex related problems  including premarital and post marital sex counseling.It is the center for treatment of various sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.



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