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Treatments Of Common Diseases

Common Diseases Skin, Hair & Nail Conditions

Skin is the largest organ of our body, so not surprisingly skin problems are so common. Most of the times patients are labeled as having skin allergy, eczema or fungal infection, either by themselves or by the chemist or by some general practitioner. .They either do self medication or with the help of the chemists, without knowing about there condition. These medicines are usually steroid combinations which give temporary relief but most of the times have been found to aggravate the problem. So at Satya Skin, Hair & Laser clinic we try to provide you with the correct diagnosis & don’t just prescribe oral or topical steroids without any logic, as is the common practice these days.  Most of the skin & hair problems are chronic, i.e. they require treatment for long period of time. 
Common skin problems include:

  • Eczema ( is a chronic skin disease characterized by reddish, itchy and oozing lesions; may have endogenous or exogenous origin).
  • Psoriasis ( reddish, scaly lesions; may affect scalp, palms & soles, knees & elbows and sometimes larger areas over whole of the body).
  • Fungal infections (can affect any body area from head to toe. Can be of various types like tinea, onycomycosis, P.versicolar & deep fungal infections).



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