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Hair Fall Treatment with Mesotherapy


As its said Prevention is better than cure, we like to see hair-fall as a warning sign from your body, urging you to do something before you lose your crowning glory! And thankfully with the latest technological advances, treatment for hairfall is not limited to popping pills which may have some side-effects.

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular hair fall treatment options in the western world today.

It involves a series of microinjections of naturally extracted anti-oxidants and vitamins your body loses out as you stress. Through microinjections, the hair loss treatment delivers nutrients to improve the tissue environment, and stimulate hair growth, straight to the hair follicles.

Our trained practitioners can put a full stop to your hair-fall in 2-3 months!. So cure baldness, even before it shows up!

hair fall


Hair re-growth with Stem Cell Technology

Stem serum is a fat extract which helps in the hair regrowth and hair grow by providing essential nutrients to the hair follicle. This liquid is injected into the scalp by a series of micro-injections. It is absolutely safe with no side effects whatsoever.

With our customized packages Hair regrowth is often clubbed with other therapies like the derma roller for better results. Hair regrowth is seen at a 60-70% rate with this breakthrough product.





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