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Pre Bridal

    Pre Bridal Treatment :-

    Wedding is must be the best thing in your life. Wedding is the hotly chance to make out our inner beauty. Either man or women, best performance is the important thing. Especially for woman, wedding is like a queen for just one day. Your must perform yourself as beauty as possible. Of course, you must perform your natural charming. The happiness that appeared in yourself will more make your face shining. Take a preparation to marriage altar with happiness and joyful in order to your day will be reminded forever. You must choose the best medical consultant about current skin condition and the skin condition that you want on the day. Choose a skin care that suitable with skin condition and treatment it by medical consultant supervisor. If you have oily skin condition. Be careful with stress, because it will make ways to wedding treatment in a clinic, ideally you not involving other supplement or cosmetic products in the same time. Finally, treatment of your pre wedding is depending to your choice. Take ready to step through wedding altar with charming and beauty’s face in your life!

    Hair Care ?

    Once the wedding date is fixed you have to decide on the hair style for your wedding. However before the final decision on a hair style look to the condition of your hair. Shampoo your hair regularly and condition it to give it a bounce. Use Henna at least once a week. If you want to be permed or trim, it should be done two weeks before the actual wedding dates to avoid an unnatural look. Do not go to a new hair dresser it can be disastrous because a mistake can take a long time to rectify. Your present hair designer is not only aware of your hair, face and figure but she also understands your personality. So one knows what to do for you to create a more becoming style. The creation of your hair design do dependent on various factors. Your face shape and body build and height of your bridegroom should consider combing your hair into a high bun or top knot. If your veil is see through encircle it with flowers or pearls that further set it off. There are many ways to decorate your top knot, style it according to your taste and your bridal attire.

    You can also try this recipe ?

    Essential oils are beneficial for all hair types including normal hair. They keep the hair in good condition and leave it smelling good. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week with a mild shampoo containing chamomile or rosemary. Wash it in warm water and give a final rise of cold water to which a drop of rose essential oil has been added.
    An oil massage once a week is recommended.

    Skin ?

    A beautifully glowing skin is every brides dream beauty on her wedding day. To make that dream come true. Plan your beauty care program and establish a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing morning and night. Go to the beautician you have selected to do your make-up for your wedding and let her plan your facial cleansing schedule to rectify any fault. Have a cleansing facial once a week for a month. Having a facial is important as it leaves your face clean, fresh and lively. The facial massage helps ease stress. Eat a balanced diet and take lesser spicy foods. No skin care program will help you achieve that glowing look if you continue to eat an unbalanced diet as before. Hands off from stimulation foods during these two months and sleep well if you want a pimple-free complexion. Drink six to eight glasses of water and eat veggies and fruits a lot.
    You can also try few home made remedies:

    Manicure And Pedicure

    Take care of you nails and trim regularly to keep them in shape. If your nails are short, start growing them about one month before your wedding day. Do not expose your nails to detergents and house hold cleaners as this break the nails. Use rubber gloves. Get a regular manicure and pedicure once a week

    If you find it difficult growing your own nails ask your beauticians to give you false or extensions. Other alternative though not so common are sculptured nails ( a wet acrylic powder that is moulded on the nail and a tended to form a new nail covering that has to be filled in as the true nail grows out every two or three weeks. On your wedding day try Nail Art.

    Hair Removal

    Getting rid of fine hair on your face not only makes your face looks cleaner and fairer, it enables your makeup to stay on longer. And, on a special day like this, your makeup is very important, again here, if you are not well versed with this process, do not do it yourself. Go to a professional who should be able to do a better job. The most common facial hair removing techniques would be waxing, threading, if you like to go for a permanent hair removal then go for a lazar.

    Hand & Feet

    No part of your body deserves more tender loving care than your feet and hands. It will not do if your hands are rough and when you sit and walk bare footed during the bridal ceremony if your feet are dirty and heels are cracked.

    Carry a hand lotion or moisturizer in your bag and use it as often as you think necessary, but do not overdo it. To soften rough hands at bed time apply or massage in equal quantities of Hands cream and coconut oil into your hands. Apply cuticle cream. Get into the habit of using aromatherapy oils like Morning Dew, Happiness, Lavender.

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